From One Mom to Another

We know a new baby is a joy, but it is also a huge adjustment in your life. We want to create a safe place for new Moms to feel seen and heard! From One Mom to Another will allow moms to come together to talk about challenges they are facing, seek guidance and offer encouragement to one another.

This group will be an in-person program for mamas with their babies under 1 year of age and led by Heather Donahue, a local therapist specializing in perinatal mental health, depression and anxiety.
For more information about Heather, click here:

The group will meet for an hour on 4 Tuesdays (11/2, 11/9, 11/16 & 11/23) from 9:30-10:30am.
The cost is $140 for all 4 sessions.

The session will begin at 9:00am for littles to play in our crawler area or for Moms to enjoy a quiet coffee by themselves if their kiddos are elsewhere.
One of the goals of this group is to give moms the chance to connect. We encourage bringing younger babies or children that can be in a carrier, sling, or ones that can play independently.

Registration for this program will be through Heather Donahue.

No registration or payment will happen through Bug & Goose.

To sign up, please tap the button below that takes you to Heather's website:


Once there, select Post Partum Support Group.
Then, select Video Office.
Lastly, select November 2nd at 9:30am.

Questions? Contact Heather at 262-236-6760